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High Way on the Sky on your Glass Cockpit Integra

Navigation in conjunction with modern instruments such as GNSS (GPS), NAV or ILS is an essential part of every flight. Showing of navigation information on Glass Cockpit Integra screen in the form of Highway in the sky (HITS) is a very intuitive tool that makes it easy and gives quick information to the pilot without losing contact in front of them. Enjoy this free of charge graphical and intuitive visualization for your safety and a great flight experience.

List of supported navigation units:
- Garmin GPS - all aviation types
- AVMAP GPS - all aviation types
- Garmin SL-30 - NAV/ILS receiver
- Garmin GNC-255 - NAV/ILS receiver
- any type of GNSS (GPS) receiver with RS232 and NMEA0183 protocol

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